Ongoing Projects

McLane Children's Hospital Forensic Unit Project

The quilting club began making blankets, pillowcases and pillows for the Forensic Unit (Abused Children) at the hospital in December 2012.  One day each month is dedicated to working on this project.  Donations to the hospital are made every other month to the nurses in the forensic unit. These items are given to the children to take with them when they leave the hospital.  Blankets and pillows are comfort items and the pillowcases are for carrying their belongings with them.

Fundraising Quilts

The quilting club makes quilts for fundraising for the Belton Senior Activity Center.  Donations for these quilts can be made to the Belton Senior Activity Center.

Donations for Projects

The quilting group is always in need of supplies for their projects.  Any donations of materials and supplies are always welcome.  These items can be dropped off at the Belton Senior Activity Center during regular business hours 8:00 - 4:00 Monday - Friday.

The Bluebird Quilters of the Belton Senior Activity Center thank all who generously donate fabric and other sewing notions.  The donations are used to make various items for their Community Projects.  These gifts of donated items are helping to bring joy to others.

Citizens for Soldiers

We support our area's military and  veterans through donations of articles they might need. Donations of time, items, or funds are truly appreciated.

There is a need for individual size snack foods and personal care items.  There are less PX's remaining and those that are have very little in the way of stock.  These small items are much appreciated by the troops.